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John Muckle: London Brakes


John Muckle’s new novel, set in Eighties London, will be out from Shearsman Press in Jaunuary 2010.  He’s an interesting writer and deserves much wider recognition – but don’t take my word for it, here’s what others had to say about his last novel, Cyclomotors

“I don’t think I’ve read anything for quite a while—perhaps not since Norman Lewis’ memoir Jackdaw Cake—which conjures up quite so effectively this peculiar inter-zone between the behemoth of the city and the hinterland of the country. And on top of all of this there is the wrenching portrayal of a family at odds with itself in the most violent fashion, rendered without cant or sentimentality.” Will Self 

“…a wonderful book—marvellously constructed, and of a fidelity to experience such as you only come across with a true storyteller—as distinct from word spinner!” John Berger

“The milky bar gleam of Kensington in the sun . . . memory of Spitalfields in the rain . . . a small flask of Southern Comfort . . . John Muckle’s window on that world is the one people will eventually look through.” Tom Raworth

“I think Cyclomotors is my best book of 1997 and a real bit of quality in a fairly bleak landscape.” Michael Moorcock

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